Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Preparations.....

Need a great/delicious/healthy/low fat and NATURALLY ORANGE treat for Halloween festivities? Hummus Dip! SO easy: 4 cans of garbonzo beans -rinsed & drained, 2 red peppers cored and sliced, 3 tblsp of olive oil, 1 tsp. garlic powder, 2 tablsp chopped onion, 1 tsp lemon juice, salt & pepper to taste...throw it all in the food processor and voila! Serve with blue corn chips for black/blue & orange appetizers! 
Just finished another scarf in the wee hours of my crocheting evenings.....Black Witch Lace Crocheted Scarf! Fancy & fun to dress-up your outfits, doubles as a shoulder-cozy! I plan to wear mine with my witch outfit Halloween...but know I'll be wearing my own throughout holiday season! $40 @
The Soap Workshop has been busily humming along with many orders!  So happy to see so many stores anxious to stock their shelves with soap merchandise again!  A wee turn in the economy!   Art is, well....*new art* anyway is not getting done as much as I'd like to be doing it (as is usual this time of year for me), but our existing prints and gifts are available and selling!  We hope to have a new holiday print available soon and available on gift items through our Zazzle store and for holiday cards!  Look for that announcement coming soon!  
This weekend is a special one!  Halloween is always one of my family's favorite celebrations, starting the night before.  All three of my grown kids come home and we imbibe hot spiced cider, enjoy dipping into great vats of potion (SOUP!  My famous beer chili and corn chowder!), chunks of hot buttered autumn breads, a huge salad...and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert.  There's also traditional plain brown doughnuts--round symbols of eternal life.  And we pause to remember & reflect upon all of our dear loved ones and friends who have passed....feeling their presence amongst up. 
 Then on to the CARVING!  Our BIGGEST pumpkin this year is 103 pounds!  You have to carve largies like that very carefully though!  Too large of cut-out parts and the whole face will collapse!  Trust me....I learned the hard way...and many boxes of toothpicks and chopsticks later! 
So after work today, I'll begin firing up the kitchen for prepartions!  OH...and dusting off the costume!!
OH!  And YES......preparing my favorite potion of ALL!
 Then my work will be complete! 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend, too!
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