Thursday, October 20, 2011

Support Made by USA Hands.....Gifts!

Featured "Gift Item" - Our Faerie Blessing Bottles!

Our soap pots are bubbling feverishly, ...yarn balls spinning wildly, print printer humming---our busiest time of year!  I know my fellow-crafters feel the's like Santa's workshop!
   With the approach of the holidays and inherent pinch & stress we're all feeling over the economy, I'd like to encourage everyone to consider doing at least some of your holiday shopping with crafters & artisans, specifically USA crafters & artisans to support our homeland economy.  And I don't say this to serve just myself, but ANY crafter & artisan small businesses trying to eek out a living!  
Sure, we all love our overseas-made techie gadgets that make life easier and connected......but consider making the conscious choice to support US small business folk as you plan at least some of your holiday gifts & stocking stuffers and hostess gifts!  
Nothing is quite so special as a handmade item!   A throwback to times when EVERYTHING was made by-hand and sold via the village shop or bazaar!  Some children grow up today not even knowing what "handmade" is! 
Only now it's so easy to stroll *online* village squares via your computer or other techie gadget! 

Thanks for your consideration!  And best wishes to all my fellow crafters in the coming season! 

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