Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Holiday Time...Be Nice!

Hi Folks! Me again. I don't want to come-off sounding Old Mother Hubbard scolding...but if you are a customer of mine, retail or wholesale, I strongly invite/encourage you to join our newsletter mailing list, this blog, or check my FB page for updates. I'm getting a LOT of people wanting to place "emergency", need-i...n-3-days for a special event LARGE ($500+) whlsl. soap orders, that I can't possibly accomodate on that timetable. It's holiday crunch time, Folks, and while I appreciate the biz tremendously, I've been posting reminders to "order early for specific need-by dates" since late August. Needless to say, when late-ordering customers "get scrappy & Scroogey with me", um, it's not appreciated.

I'm seriously thinking for next year, of offering a discount for customers who plan-in-advance and order large orders between specific dates (Oct.), to try to stalve off all this last-minute ordering Scrooginess I'm getting. As most of you who have been ordering from me for years know, I do my best to accomodate you quickly and courteously, you know Nov. - Dec. is crazy-time,.....some advance planning on your part is also part of the equation and much-appreciated. Thanks!

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