Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back From The Holiday Black Hole......

(AKA - Blogging about why I don't always blog....)

Aye...woefully behind in blogging.  
Holiday season sort of eats me up, spits me out, and then re-eats me again.  And this year there seems to be a roll-over effect right on into Jan.  I'm taking it as a good sign the economy is turning, at least a wee bit..hopefully for ALL of us!  ::fingers crossed::
Then I wonder, ....does anyone even read my blog?  If readers are like me, I have a long reading list of RSS blog feeds, full of really cool people I like, who inspire me, and want to follow....but little time to read & savor those blogs.  I've had more than a couple people contact me, commenting that I never respond to *their* posts, ...or not so subtley say "Well, if you read my blog, you'd know about this."  Guilty.  I do read my blog list on occasion, but not as often as I'd like....  And social networking leaves me feeling like I'll never in a million years be able to adequately keep up with everyone, in all the ways I can possibly be in contact with them, and all the interesting people that there even ARE!  Communication abilities are light years advanced now....but I can still only read/type at "X" mph.

Too, I've come to realize that the word "busy" means different things to different people.  I literally get up each morning at 6:00 a.m. and am on a fast-track pace all day (7 days a week), hustling usually till 7:00 p.m. doing all my-have-to-dos.  Part of the job-description for a chief-cook-and-bottle-washer business owner.  When you "do it all", the buck stops with you and you literally have to "do it all".  As in "ALL".  This isn't a complaint vent...just making excuses I guess, or giving a peek into my real life.  But same-person who grouched about me not reading her blog, went on to tell me how busy her "busy" is and I realized I'd love to have her "busy"...sounded like a day of relaxation to me!  LOL!  It's all relative.

I love it and wouldn't trade being my "busy"...but it tends to shine a light on how short the days get when ambitions are big, ideas abundant....all but for the time to accomplish them all.  I'm a virtual guru at the art of multi-tasking, it's not that I don't work efficiently.....but I've come to realize you can get so good at multi-tasking, but due to human physical, anatomical and molecular physiology constraints, you can not take on one more thing, even though you *think* you can.  It's both a curse and a blessing.  Something has to get shelved.  One of my shelvings tends to be active blogging.

Anyway, holidays over, so hopefully a return to a more normal scheduling, and blogging that is both interesting, useful, as well as reciprocal!  ;)  And as for more time....I DID afterall....paint that damn bench last year and place it invitingly so I can't ignore it each day!  It is inscribed with two of my favorite sayings on the butt slats:

Sit yassen i' fae - "Sit with the faeries", (in Elvish).


Il dolce far niente - "The sweetness of doing nothing", (in Italian).

Must. Take. Own. Advice.  ;)

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