Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Pat's at the McOchs House!

A funny thing happens around our house every mid-March! I take on a funny wee leprechaun accent, all my Celtic CD's come out and get played over & over, and I feel a strange yearnin' to go back to the old country......
So why do I feel so Celtic?  I dunno.  Must be fae spirits haunting me again!  Or maybe there *is* a bit of Irish in us all.....just like we're all a little bit of everything! Truth is, I grew up around a lot of Irish families and always felt like one-of-the-bunch.  And I married a part Irishman, so the traditions go on! 

I don my favorite magic jig-dancing socks....

 I green-up the house with springtime...

Line-up the Irish entertainment......

And put on the pot of corned beef.  
Of course that would be Mr. Jameson and Mr. Smithwick helping to stir the pot!  Won't do to be forgettin' those two fine gentlemen!

“May God grant you always...
A sunbeam to warm you, 
a moonbeam to charm you, 
a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. 
Laughter to cheer you. 
Faithful friends near you. 
And whenever you pray, 
Heaven to hear you.”

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