Monday, May 7, 2012

Soap A Day! Treasure Chest Lim. Ed. Soaps Back!

A comment I frequently hear from soap customers is "You have so many soaps, I can't decide!"  
So I thought what might be fun is to feature a soap-a-day/week, to introduce each soap we make and that way folks can become familiar gradually (if they read our blogs) and not be overwhelmed with choices as you might be with one website trip!

Today's featured soap is Russian Fir Needle, a soap from our Rustic Soap Collection - virgin African shea butter enriched soaps!

The inspiration for this soap was the great outdoors!  One of my all-time favorite places on Earth is the Lake Tahoe area -- truly heaven, in my humble opinion!  There's many hidden lakes in the area in addition to Lake Tahoe proper, including Angora Lakes, two fresh water glacial bowl lakes hidden at a higher elevation (7450 ft.).  You have to drive a loooong, very bumpy dirt road to reach them, and then hike a 1/2 mile hill to get to the lakes, and there is a quaint resort nestled among the trees and a refreshment stand that serves the most delicious homemade lemonade! the shoreline on one side of the lake, pine needles gather heavily and float on the water surface where the pines hangover the lake.  Once when I swam there, I came out and my skin smelled so fragrant of pine, just from swimming in that water, I SO loved smelling of pine the rest of the day!  
 VOILA, it inspired a pine soap!  Russian Fir contains Russian fir needle essential oil, spruce and pine!  Added virgin African shea butter (handmade made by women in Ghana), and green clay makes this a nice shaving soap, and a sprinkling of poppyseeds gives a bit of tickly exfoliation!  Transform your bath or shower into a bit of Angora Lakes, or whatever your favorite outdoors spot is!  I feel like I'm visiting again and again...if only in my mind.  That's how powerful aromatherapy can be! 

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~Carol :)