Thursday, May 10, 2012

Soap Of The Day - Cadeau du Jardin! (Gift of the Garden

Cadeau du Jardin
"Gift of the Garden" in French. With added calendula oil and petals!

This soap embodies Earth's BEST botanical offerings for nourishing, balancing, and known healing quality skincare. Calendula-enriched (all oils used in this soap are infused with calendula petals), plus Bulgarian lavender (<--nature's BEST essential oil for ALL skin types!) with patchouli and sweet orange in a creamy white soap sprinkled with yellow calendula petals grown right here in our own gardens. An earthy essence you CAN'T get enough of and a personal favorite! Par excellence!
Customers always stumble over this soap's pronunciation: It's cad-o-doo-zshar-dan  Or call it "the French one".  ;)