Monday, September 24, 2012

NOT a time of dying.....


"...this is the season of dying 
when the leaves turn crimson 
it marks the cycles ending 
and time for the living to die..."
- Everdark

Funny, ...I hear lyrics like these and other dying season songs and they make no sense to me.   I think of SUMMER as the season of dying; everything hot, dry, burnt-up here in Southern California.  Summer marks our season of wildfires, fear of destruction as experienced in 2003 & 2007, every cracking twig synonymous with the striking of a match.  Each hot new day, one to be gotten through, zapping all physical and mental energy with the pouring out of sweat, till finally, finally....the blessed nip of autumn breezes come and breathe life anew, like a soothing energy bath washing over you.

For = new life.  Every tree and falling leaf whispers to me, spirits jump out of all corners, creativity is at it's most vibrant!  Life feels more fully lived each day, mental clarity somehow more crackly!

Autumn is when life begins........


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