Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Practical Magic Anniversary!

 “My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Aunt Frances, Practical Magic

On this date (Oct. 16) in 1998, Practical Magic was first released!

But you already knew that and had this anniversary on your calendar, right? ::tongue-in-cheek:: Needless to say, you know what I'll have on my DVD player in the workshop today while I work. And guess what I'll be sipping as the prezzie debate rages on tonight (just so I can get through and tolerate it)? Midnight Margaritas! Woot! 

And ya know.....for you fellow hardcore PM fans, don't forget about perusing my Practical Magic Movie Prop Collection: http://carolochs.com/PracticalMagicPropCollection.php

And, out of our Wylde Wytch Soap Collection http://carolochs.com/wyldewytchsoaps.php we have several soaps that honor the movie as well! Like Amas Veritas, Blessing Seed Bar, Encantado (Rosemary & Lavender), Mint Oatmeal Shaving Soap, Midnight Margarita Bar, and Verbena!

There's a little witch in all of us.....how little is YOUR witch?
~Carol  :)
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