Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Ghost of I Forgot!

My Dear Customers.....

I luv ya's to pieces....but a funny thing happens this time of year that always haunts me.  I call it the Ghost of I Forgot.  Something mysterious happens and the Ghost of I Forgot swoops in!  Folks seem to forget that the holidays are coming and then one day, usually in late October, it hits them, they realize they need soap product for gifts or store shelves, and they suddenly need it YESTERDAY!  Everyone is calling me to say "Carol, I just placed an order and can't you please, please, please put a rush on this order, ....just this time?!?!?!"

I love to try to accommodate my customers, and I might be able to squeeze in a large rush order every now and then...but a lot of you are doing this routinely now and unfortunately I can't accommodate everyone's rush needs.  All orders are taken first come, first served.  

Every year I announce on my blog, in my email newsletter, on my Facebook, as an email response message.... about the coming holiday crunch, coming holiday offerings, etc.....but it never seems to alleviate the Ghost of I Forgot.   In fact, I'm realizing that the more I accommodate "rush orders" the more folks expect I automatically can. LOL! 

So I'm curious!  If you have any feedback re: what would help you place orders earlier and not in need of rush status, I'm all ears!  Email me!  carolochsarts(at)  THANKS! 

~Carol (Your humble but stressed-out soapmaker)

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