Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's July ....and I'm feeling bohemian!

Hi Folks!  Been busy evenings with my latest craft fascination....fiber spinning!  Mostly with a boho style, wraps of all kinds!  You can find my finished works at my Etsy Store.
Boho Fairy Hippie Gypsy Hand Spun, Hand Knit Enchanting Shawl or Scarf in Cream, Peach & Papaya with Needle Felted Roses, Sari Silk Ribbons Mermaid Waters Shawl - Handspun, Hand Knit Loose-Net-Stitch Lacy Boho Shawl Shades of Blue & Turquoise, with Shell Adornments Forest Fairy Handspun Handknit Boho Shawl, Needle-Felted & Silk Flowers, Sari Silk, Greens, Includes Wooden Shawl Stick Fairy Garden Hand Spun Hand Knit Boho Shawl or Scarf in Purple, Lavender, Green with Ribbons and Silk Flowers Witch Lace Shawl - Black Alpaca Handspun Handknit Triangular Shawl with Sari Silk Fringe and Mercury Black Beads

In soap news....we've added some new summery scents to our Treasure Chest Limited Edition Soaps!  Papaya Poppyseed, Magnolia Blossom, Crema de Coca....come check 'em out!  And don't forget peppermint soaps to help keep ya cool all hot summer long!  

Papaya Poppyseed Soap Simply Soap Carol OchsSweet Magnolia Simply Soap Carol Ochs Crema de Coco coconut milk soap Simply soap Carol Ochs

Check-out too, our wyldly popular new Wylde Mermaid Soaps! Wrapped in labels with mermaid art by the soapmaker!
Wylde Mermaid Soap Collection Simply Soap Carol Ochs
Enjoy your July 4th!  Stay independent, and stay SAFE! ;)
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