Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comic-Con Thursday!

Comic-Con International. What can I say except *INTENSE*!!! You arrive thinking - "Ahh....I'm among My People, last of the Sci-Fi Geekhicans....ALL 130,000++++ of them...haha. And leave thinking, "Get me outta here! Sensory OVERLOAD!" It is nothing short of i.n.t.e.n.s.e. I got a ticket for one day, today.....but honestly, even if I got a 4-day pass, not sure I could possibly see and do ALL that would be on my to-do list. Soooooo many intriguing panel discussions overlap one another time-wise. Too bad they can't somehow stretch it all into a longer event or ongoing thing spread out, to make it even humanly possible to see and do more, cover it ALL. I could happily just attend panels all day -- probably the more sane venues to be in as far as crowd-control goes there. Or, you could just sit and watch people walk by and be thoroughly entertained for hours. Possessing the event guide is a treasure unto itself, FULL of incredibly valuable contacts, names, websites, and networking resources if you're into that sort of thing. And there's all sorts of unscheduled surprise appearances and events that just add to the general atmosphere of constant excitement.

I attended some panel discussions on writing and art, saw a discussion on one of my favorite shows - "24" - Keifer Sutherland there, telling some pretty comical tales of behind-the-scenes, as well as the whole creative process behind the show. REALLY hope they bring that show back, or do the rumored film! Cruised the Art Show and Artist Alley and much of the Exhibit Hall. Some booths were just too crowded to even get near. Others, I lucked out on, caught them at a less-crowded moment -- got to try a Cintiq and get a one-on-one tutorial with a rep, which I've been wanting to do. There's just SO, SO MUCH I saw, hard to even describe it all. You simply have to go to fully taste the Comic Con experience....or check out the many links/photo galleries on it. And even then you will still not have seen or absorbed it all.

Lucky for me, I live in San Diego and husband David dropped me off and picked me up so transportation was a cinch. He actually wants to go with me next year! Whoo-hoo! That'll be fun! Oooooohhhhh....maybe we should go as a costumed couple!?!?!?! WHO should we be? Better start planning! lol! Costumes there, some of them were just incredible!!! The detail and effort that went into some was screen-worthy! (But my GOD, must have been boiling hot!!! We're having heat-advisory-warning high temps and humidity.) If we go the costume-route, it will have to be COOL!

Anyway.....I returned to my homebase of calm & quiet, my brain fully-stocked with inspiration, ideas, perspective, appreciation, and creative juices flowing. Being submerged in the intoxicating stew that Comic Con is, ...always a worthy adventure!!! Even for a claustaphobe like me!!! #comiccon

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